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Why finding your focus is so important

In a world where everything needs to happen yesterday, it can be easy to feel stressed or overwhelmed.  This is especially true when you own your own business.  You have a responsibility to yourself, your workers (and your bank balance) to ensure that everything gets done on time.  This is where multitasking comes in, right?

Wrong!  Juggling too many things at once could be the reason that your business, and even your life, isn’t moving in the direction it’s supposed to.  The simple fact is that you’re probably not fully focused on completing one task at a time.

Month end is especially notorious for bringing about multitasking mania, but it’s also a great time to practice your short-term focusing skills.  You have reporting, presentations and payroll, in addition to other tasks.  The most important thing to do is remove all of your distractions.  Make sure you’ve gone to the bathroom, had something to eat, have a glass of water next to you, and that you’ve closed your emails.  Then, focus on one task completely until its finished.

Long-term focusing could be a bit trickier.  This refers to your business focus.  When you first started your business, you had goals and a vision.  This may have altered slightly as time went on, which could even have resulted in you not feeling motivated anymore as your vision changed.  The only solution is to redirect your focus back to those goals.  You need to remember that motivation is key to achieving your goals.

Easier said than done, and yes, it will be hard work.  You essentially need to go back to the drawing board and map out what your initial business vision was.  Now you need to ask yourself some tough questions.  Have you stuck to your original goals and business vision?  Have you perhaps lost your way in your mission to be successful?

If you’re not doing what you initially sought out to do, chances are you’ll end up miserable.  Never forget that the reason you started your own business was so that you could run it your way, and be happy doing what you love.

You just need to focus on finding what that is again.

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