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Don’t be busy, be productive

Shuffling around papers on your desk and furiously typing on your keyboard may give the illusion of productivity, but in actual fact, you’re just busy being busy.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that busy equals productive but nothing can be further from the truth.  Let’s use a hamster as an unlikely example.  It’s furiously, and busily, running on its wheel, but is it really getting anywhere?  No, it’s not.

The same can be said for your business.  If you’re continuing to look at the everyday items on your business to-do list, you might miss the opportunity to view the bigger picture, which would unlock the true potential of what your business can offer.

Goals are a great way to visualize and work towards this all-important bigger picture.  The trick however is to make these goals manageable.  Monthly or even bi-annual goals are a good start, always keeping your vision and end result in mind when planning.

Simplicity is key, and so are short meetings!  If it can be sent in an email, send it.  If it can be discussed in a two-minute catch-up over coffee, then do it.  That time that it took to plan a meeting and actually sit through it cannot be gotten back.

Speaking of time, managing yours properly is key to your business’s productivity.  This is especially essential for start-up companies.  Investing and managing time is just as important as managing the financial side of your business.  Multitasking works for some and not for others.  Moral of the story: find out what works for you.

Another way to stay productive is to keep on top of trends, and what your clients need from your business.  Think of innovative ways to improve your company whether it be cutting costs and streamlining processes, or using your existing resources in a different way.

So, back to our first point, don’t spend time being busy.  Spend time thinking about productivity strategies to fast-track your business to success.

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